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Chicago, IL is a windy city in the northeastern part of Illinois and at the southwestern tip of Lake Michigan. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan, its history is directly tied up with the lake where in the early years the Chicago Theatre it served as a trading center. In 1848, it became the most important transportation center with the opening of the first railway, the Galena & Chicago Union Railway. Trade flourished due to such developments and a lot of people have relocated in the city that eventually gave rise to new industries, particularly in manufacturing and retail. However in 1871 tragedy struck, known as the Great Chicago Fire, that burned one-third of the city including the central business district. Many were pessimistic that Chicago could ever rise from the tragedy, yet with the help of the residents and the government, rapid rebuilding was organized and in 1885 the first skyscraper was built.

The 3rd largest city in the United States, Chicago has a population of more than 2 million with 9 million based in the metropolitan area. The increase in population was borne of the massive work and business opportunities Chicago offered. Chicagoans or the residents of Chicago comprise of a multitude of races including White, Black, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Pacific Islander and Native American among others. A huge number of Chicagoans are Catholic while the rest are Protestants and other Christian denomination, Islam and Jewish.

The city of Chicago is popular for having the most number of unique buildings and structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (Abraham Lincoln Center), Mies van der Rohe (United States Post Office Loop Station), Louis Sullivan (Carson Pirie Scott) and Holabird & Root (Commonwealth Edison Substation).

Some of the major attractions include Grant Park (with the statue of Abraham Lincoln, Clarence Buckingham Fountain and Millennium Park), Shedd Aquarium (exhibits of Oceanarium and Caribbean Reef), Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile (grand boulevard with its museums, restaurants, glamorous hotels and exclusive shops) and Sears Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the world).

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